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Join the Lichen Sclerosus (W)holistic Healing Summit May 8-13

Join the Lichen Sclerosus (W)holistic Healing Summit May 8-13

This May, more than 1,000 individuals worldwide will gather virtually to participate in the (W)holistic Healing Summit. Hosted by the Lichen Sclerosus Support Network (LSSN), the summit offers multiple evidence-based interactive sessions for a whole-body approach to help you live with vulvar Lichen Sclerosus and will cover topics such as Lichen Sclerosus, sexual health, pelvic pain, and mental health.

The summit is open to everyone, with various donation levels offering different perks. There is even a FREE option to watch all sessions live. 

If you have vulvar Lichen Sclerosus, this event will connect you to experts, resources, and tools to help you understand and manage the condition and secondary issues that may derive from it. If you don’t have Lichen Sclerosus, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn practices for self-care and well-being. Plus, you’ll be supporting an organization that helps individuals all over the world!

Before we get into the details about the (W)holistic Healing Summit, let’s talk a little more about Lichen Sclerosus and LSSN.

What is Lichen Sclerosus?

A chronic, inflammatory skin condition that is considered to be autoimmune in nature. It mostly affects the genitals, including the vulva, perianal area, and penis. However, it can also affect non-genital skin, such as the abdomen and thighs. Some symptoms of vulvar Lichen Sclerosus include itching, pain, and pain with sex. Individuals may also have scarring and hypo-pigmentation of the skin, ranging from white to ashy/grey, depending on a person’s skin tone. To learn more about vulvar Lichen Sclerosus, check out LSSN’s in-depth overview.

What is the Lichen Sclerosus Support Network?

A non-profit organization whose mission is to empower people with vulvar Lichen Sclerosus by providing evidence-based education. Our vision is a world where those affected by vulvar Lichen Sclerosus are informed, educated, and get diagnosed early. This is incredibly important because, on average, it takes 5-15 years to get an LS diagnosis. As we grow, we also plan on adding support and resources for other forms of LS.

LSSN is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides tons of evidence-based information and support to our LS community. Being diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosus can be scary, but the more education and information people have, the better they can manage this condition. 

Here are some of the services LSSN provides:

You can learn more about our free and paid resources by exploring our website. 

Why should you attend the (W)holistic Healing Summit?

Our annual (W)holistic Healing Summit is an important event that raises awareness of Lichen Sclerosus, provides education, and raises money to support the organization’s work. There are so many reasons to attend this amazing 6-day event, but here are just a few of the biggest reasons…

Interactive sessions with more than 15 speakers

We are so excited about the lineup for this year’s event! We have over 15 speakers and 30 sessions focusing on a whole-body approach to managing Lichen Sclerosus. Our speakers bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise. 

Here are just a few of our featured speakers and their sessions:

Dr. Jill Krapf, board-certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist and Vulvar Specialist – Be an Intern Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus Specialist for the Day

Heather Cooan, Functional Nutrition Consultant and Educator, LS Mythbusting

Jaclyn Lanthier, The Lost Labia Chronicles, LS Research Explained

Dr. Mamawah Bourque, Pelvic Health Physical Therapist, The Impact and Management of Sexual Pain with LS

Sabrina Sarro, Social Worker, Mental Health Modalities

Attendees couldn’t say enough about our speakers last year. Here is some of their session feedback:

Very educational. As someone who is newly diagnosed, important points were explained in a clear way that I was able to understand.

You made the neuroscience of pain so incredibly accessible; I love the DJ analogy!

The presenter was very open and generous with answering questions.

So much knowledge in such a validating presentation! Dr. Jill seems to really care about the person, not just the job. It’s heartwarming to see that!

Informative and very interesting.

This gave me hope.

There’s something for everyone!

Our 6-day summit is completely virtual so you can participate from wherever you are. It’s also private and interactive.

We offer three levels of participation in the (W)holistic Healing Summit: Free Pass, Basic Pass, and All-Access Pass. Learn more about these donation tiers below or visit our website to learn more about the summit and buy tickets. Tickets are on sale from April 3 – May 21.

You want to make sure to be a part of this event. Last year’s attendees couldn’t say enough.

I love the variety of sessions – I felt it really was a holistic approach. The quality of the presenters was excellent!

Meeting other women who suffer with the same condition was the best!

Besides the knowledge and the opportunity to have my questions answered, the normalizing aspect of it was HUGE for me. I feel less alone, weird or broken.

The variety of the sessions. And honestly the SUPER high quality speakers .Everyone was so passionate and SO good. Public speaking isn’t easy and you found a great group of folks to present.

I enjoyed the variety of sessions you offered. I was impressed by the amount of session and qualifications of the presenters. It was really fantastic to be surrounded by women who understood the struggle of this disease.

Get Your Pass Today!

All-Access Pass: $100+ donation/Early bird All-Access special: $75+ donation Apr 3-9 (Use code HHSEARLY)

  • Access to live sessions
  • Get the Most out of the Summit Guide (last year’s was 76 pages)
  • Bonus Pack, with samples and coupons from speakers and sponsors
  • Live All-Access Sessions (private bonus sessions)
  • Access keyword searchable Session replays for life
  • Early bird special: Donation of $75+ April 3-9

Basic Pass:

  • $25 – $99.99 donation
  • Access to live sessions
  • Access to replays for 30 days

Free Pass

  • Access to live sessions
  • No replays

Wholistic Healing Summit

Your donation supports those with LS

Your US tax-deductible donation of any level helps LSSN provide education, resources, and support to those living with LS. We believe that every person affected by LS deserves accurate and thorough information that allows them to make sound decisions about their health. 

We also believe that every provider who treats a patient with or possibly with LS should be well-informed on diagnosing, treating, and caring for that person. We aim to empower anyone affected by LS with evidence-based education.

Connect with LSSN

If you’re interested in learning more about LSSN, we’d love to connect with you!