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Why Would You Even Want a Fit Pelvic Floor?

Why Would You Even Want a Fit Pelvic Floor?

What even is a fit pelvic floor? And why would you care if no one can see it? Read on for five ways a fit pelvic floor can be of great benefit to you.

1. No More Leaking

Peeing too frequently, leaking, or “peeing a little”, is really common but it’s not a great sign of your pelvic floor fitness. The good news is that you can do something about it. By increasing your pelvic fitness you can combat stress incontinence, one of the most common kinds of incontinence, and retrain your bladder to behave

Remember: Incontinence is common, but it’s not normal.

2. Better Organ Support

Believe it or not, pelvic organ prolapse is more common than incontinence. This is when one of the three pelvic organs—bladder, uterus, or rectum—descends, moving into and sometimes all the way out of the vagina. Pelvic floor fitness can be an excellent preventive and curative measure for prolapse, and is certainly safer and less invasive than surgery.

For more about the anatomy involved and how to keep it healthy, have a read: Get to know your pelvis

3. Better Sex

Contrary to popular belief, problems with pelvic health do not all trace back to muscle that’s too weak. This can happen, particularly after injury from childbirth, when, for example, the pelvic cavity atrophies resulting in a lot of extra space. But just as common are cases where the pelvic tissues are too tight or overactive, and that can correlate with painful intercourse, constricted nerve function (lacklustre orgasm), or a lack of lubrication. In a healthy, fit pelvis the tissue is neither too loose nor tight and has good vascularization and lubrication. A fit pelvic floor can increase orgasms and make sex better generally.

4. Better Bowel Function

If your pelvic floor is too tight or tense, this can make pooping difficult. Pelvic floor tension is, in fact, associated with constipation. Straining on the toilet can damage your fascia which can contribute to pelvic floor damage (think prolapse and incontinence). On the flip side, if there’s been a tear (in childbirth for example), the tissue might need to be retrained to prevent fecal incontinence. Your pelvic floor needs the proper degree of flexibility so it can tighten and relax as your body needs—which is exactly how a fit pelvis works.

5. Better Core Function

Your pelvic floor is the center of your core so when it’s in good shape, it improves your general fitness. A fit floor can improve your posture, movement, and ability, which in turn leads to enhanced self-confidence. You want to bring back your core? It all starts with the pelvic floor!

The low-down on Corelife’s most technologically advanced treatment

Stress urinary incontinence—peeing a little—is one of the most common pelvic floor health issues with an estimated 200 million women worldwide all trying to “hold it” when they laugh, cough, sneeze, or jump. That’s a lot of accidents, and just like any other part of your body, your pelvis needs to be kept in good working order.

At Corelife Wellness we focus on conservative care—that is, we guide you through all the treatment options you can try before resorting to medications or surgery. The good news is, there are many ways to improve your pelvic health that aren’t invasive or risky. The most technologically advanced (and some would say revolutionary) is the Libby treatment with the Emsella chair.

Emsella Chair

Revolutionary? Really?

If you’ve never dealt with mapping your errands by identifying the public bathrooms around town, this word might seem strong, but take it from us (and yes, we have all had our own incontinence experiences), the Libby changes the game.

You simply meet with our experts to set up a tailored treatment plan to help you reach your goals. This may include pelvic health physiotherapy, internal supports, external supports, or innovative technology. If you’re a good fit for our Libby program, you simply sit down in the Emsella chair—wait for it—fully clothed! Each treatment lasts 28 minutes, and not only is there is no pain or discomfort, patients actually report pleasant sensations like tingling and vibrations.

With eight years in development and three years of clinical studies to back it up, the FDA-approved chair has been cleared for treating all kinds of urinary incontinence. And, in follow-up studies, after six months since the Libby sessions, a full 95% of women had retained their achieved results.

Is the Libby Treatment Magic?

The Emsella chair (the name is derived from Electromagnetic Sella—Latin for chair) directs high frequency electromagnetic stimulation through the seat into the pelvic floor. This generates a mechanical effect on the pelvic floor tissues which are completely unique to this treatment. It doesn’t simply replicate Kegels, which are voluntary contractions, but rather stimulates the muscles and nerves, producing supramaximal contractions.  The result? A fitter pelvic floor and that means no more leaks and better sex. It really is like magic!


What to Expect 

This might sound like a spa treatment, but the chair is an actual medical device. At our clinic, you’ll be under the consultation of our experienced team who will guide you through your course of treatment.

If you’d like to learn more about your pelvic health or our unique treatment options, visit our web site or follow us on Instagram!